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raya brass band, lungs face feet, pandemic

doors: 9:00pm


here is a link of RAYA PLAYING A POOL PARTY..

“This Brooklyn collective gleefully upends traditional wedding music of the Balkans and Greece, undercutting regional reeds and brass with decidedly American funk pulse.”—New York Times

“Watch as five people conjure a massive party around them. Then see if you can resist the temptation to get up and start dancing. It’s pretty unlikely.”—Pop Matters

“The wild … stylings of this band invoked such a frenzy that several people questioned their own existence after their own souls leapt from their body and danced right out in front of them.”—What Weekly, Baltimore

“A wild ride of genre blending that doesn’t call it a night just because the sun is coming up.”Midwest Record

“Unhinged energy and dizzying skill.”—New York Daily News

You might catch them wailing mid-span on the Brooklyn Bridge under a full moon. Or making partiers on a Bushwick rooftop dance so hard that the roof bounces. Raya Brass Band bursts with a frenetic joie de vivre that powers the high-energy party. Digging into black-market compilations, Eastern European carnival traditions and their own eclectic musical pasts (New Orleans brass, punk, out jazz), Raya Brass Band has the chops to match their irrational exuberance.


doors: 9:30pm

w/ Special Guest Boogat (from Montreal) and mystery surprise guest..

Boogat is a young talented latino MC living in Montreal and bridging Latin Groove w/ urban electronic music while telling everyday life stories with catchy hooks and sometimes goofy lyrics. His most recent album, El Dorado Sunset, got him two FELIX at the 2013 ADISQ Awards for Best World Music Album and Best Producer. Check out his free mix tapes and eps on

PANDEMIC ends every UNBLURRED w/ a high energy dance party featuring the best in GLOBAL DANCEHALL from Balkan Beats to Tropical Bass. Pandemic was voted one Pittsburgh's Best Dance Parties by 2013 PGH CITY PAPER readers. Plenty of DRINKING DANCING STOMPING AND YELLING


French Horn Rebellion / Hey Champ

doors: 9:00pm

music: 9:30pm


doors: 9:00pm

music: 9:30pm

The Features

doors: 9:00pm

music: 9:30pm

Eagulls with Special Guest Cheatahs

doors: 9:00pm

music: 9:30pm

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