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lazer crunk dj dance party tonight! doors at 10pm.

2:36pm Mar 1st, 2012

Que que tropical bass dj dance party tonight at 10pm featuring djs cucitroa and gyre.

11:00am Feb 16th, 2012

tonight: confetti, a dj dance party featuring 90's, pop, soul, garage and r&b. doors at 10pm.

4:50pm Feb 9th, 2012

tonight: mad for it! britpop dj dance party. doors at 10pm.

7:33pm Feb 4th, 2012

shake some action dj dance party tonight. doors at 10pm.

1:19pm Jan 26th, 2012

tonight at 10pm que que, a tropical bass dj dance party featuring dj's james gyre, cucitroa, and special guest edgar um.

1:22pm Jan 19th, 2012

bodies on bodies free dj dance party tonight at 10pm.

11:56am Jan 14th, 2012

due to kitchen equipment malfunction, brillobox's kitchen is closed tonight. sorry for the inconvenience.

7:24pm Jan 13th, 2012

the debut of local beat dj dance party featuring rivka, dominant force and ag ag lady. 10pm tonight.

1:41pm Jan 12th, 2012

Shake some action! A rock'n'roll dj dance party hosted by DJ Dave zak tonight at 10pm!

9:28am Nov 17th, 2011

Please ignore mr. Gnome tweet announcement. A few day delay. Sorry!

6:39pm Oct 11th, 2011

Mr. Gnome with special guests sun ray, shining light and atlas tonight. Doors at 930.

6:00pm Oct 8th, 2011

O dang! Dj dance party tonight. Doors at 10pm.

3:35pm Aug 26th, 2011

Free dj dance party tomorrow night, Thursday august 25, hosted by koko. Doors at 10pm.

6:24pm Aug 24th, 2011

Sweet lovely death dj dance party tonight. Doors at 10pm.

6:52pm Aug 11th, 2011

Disappears with brian idea and knot feeder tonight. Doors 930pm.

1:16pm Jul 30th, 2011

maren parusel with special guests falling andes and closet romantic tonight. doors at 9pm.

2:19pm Jul 28th, 2011

el ten eleven with special guest the globes and prussia tonight. doors at 8:30.

1:42pm Jul 27th, 2011

The Velcro Shoes, The StereoFidelics, and The Four Roses play tonight. doors at 9pm.

8:57am Jul 14th, 2011

liturgy with special guests dope body and dwarf fortress tonight. doors at 9pm.

1:46pm Jul 6th, 2011

Bodies dj dance party tonight. Doors at 10.

3:46pm Jun 25th, 2011

chet vincent and the big band cd release tonight. cd for all who attend. doors at 9:30.

4:19pm Jun 24th, 2011

the sights with special guests neighbors play tonight. Doors at 9pm.

12:48pm Jun 23rd, 2011

The working poor play tonight! Doors at 9pm. Don't miss them.

7:52am Jun 14th, 2011

bodies dj dance party 5th year anniversary tonight. doors at 10pm.

2:07pm May 27th, 2011

neon indian and oberhofer tonight. sold out. downstairs bar will open at 8 pm. upstairs doors at 8:30. music at 9:30.

11:18am May 16th, 2011

Mr. Dream, the zou, and turning violet violet live tonight. Doors at 930.

11:31am May 14th, 2011

live tonight: title tracks, legs like tree trunks, and robin vote. doors at 9.

12:37pm May 12th, 2011

Come enjoy a special mother's day weekend brunch menu, today and tomorrow! 12pm to 4pm. Happy mother's day!

11:16am May 7th, 2011

Tonight: from the ashes, featuring asche, prometheus burning, and analog pleasure model. Doors at 8.

3:38pm May 4th, 2011

tonight, live at brillobox: action camp, john brodeur and came. doors at 9pm.

1:54pm Apr 26th, 2011

Brillobox will be closed for brunch on easter day. We will open at 6pm with the starving artist veggie meal.

7:52am Apr 24th, 2011

speakeasy - a free dj party hosted by james gyre. 10% of all proceeds donnated to japan relief effort. tonight on 2nd floor, doors at 10.

1:00pm Apr 20th, 2011

The royal bangs and lord grunge and le cachot live tonight. Doors at 9.

2:32pm Apr 12th, 2011

The builders and the butchers with damion suomi and the minor prophets live tonight. Doors at 930.

5:33pm Apr 8th, 2011

Test patterns, slices, passengers and ceiling stares live tonight. Doors at 930.

6:25pm Apr 2nd, 2011

Come warm up with soft rock happy hour and pandemic dj dance party tonight!

12:22pm Apr 1st, 2011

Young galaxy and the winter gloves with the van allen belt live tonight. Doors at 9pm.

4:27pm Mar 23rd, 2011

Sleeping in the aviary, delicious pastries and nieghbors playing live tonight. Doors at 9.

7:07pm Mar 22nd, 2011

thanks to all who attended and donated at our bento box fundraiser! we will be sending $1000 to the red cross to help japan in its on-going crisis!

7:53pm Mar 21st, 2011

Countrypolitian brunch special: $1 off bloody mary's from 1pm-4pm.

11:53am Mar 19th, 2011

Ennui cd release show with michael ice and gangwish tonight. Doors at 930.

7:02pm Mar 18th, 2011

PGH Bro Club presents: Erin go Bra(g)h! dj dance party hosted by ed um happening now!

9:36pm Mar 17th, 2011

tonight: dead man's clothes, of an empire and these lions live at brillobox. doors at 930.

6:13pm Mar 12th, 2011

Low water cd release with the harlan twins and nik westman and the central plains. Doors at 930.

4:03pm Mar 11th, 2011

Fish fry tonight at brillobox. Come kick off the lent season in heathen style.

4:01pm Mar 11th, 2011

delicate steve, janka nabay & ivenfaint live tonight. doors at 9.

1:35pm Mar 9th, 2011

Get your world dance groove on tonight at pandemic dj party. Doors at 10. Soft rock happy hour 5-7.

12:08pm Mar 4th, 2011

lazer crunk dance party tonight. doors at 10.

2:57pm Mar 3rd, 2011

the seedy seeds, the wine, the women and the bomb, and robin vote all live tonight. Doors at 9.

1:28pm Mar 2nd, 2011